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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ


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Post image - Simson Fan Anna will never loose her way with Schwalbe Karl

Simson Fan Anna will never loose her way with Schwalbe Karl

Anna and her Dad have completely rebuilt Schwalbe Karl with an unique map look. We find that it is a really successful father-daughter project. :)

Anna Buggel
Websites & Profiles:
Taltitz (Sachsen)

The brand Simson

How did you hear about the Simson brand?
I inherited a S51 from my grandpa a few years ago and since then I am in the Simson fever. That's why a bird had to come.

What do you like especially about Simson?
At the Simson I like particularly well that you can do everything with a few hands, and it's just fun to train yourself.

Your Simson

Your Schwalbe has a very unusual varnish. How did this idea come about?
Yes she has. There is an atlas attached. So a real map. I can never do this. ;-) On the idea I came through Facebook. Someone had moped his moped with a ship card. I really liked it, so I took a map. :)

What did you do to Karl?
The swallow was made from scratch and there is a lot of time, money and work in it. I think it would be too much to write anything. It was a project of Daddy and me, so he helped me a lot. Here are some changes: first the map, a lowering 260 / 300mm, gold anodized rims with white wall tires, woodblinker and much more. As a small highlight was the child seat and a canister, new 'made, but you can see the pictures. Everything is original and engineered, and I will finally be seen.

Were there problems with the construction?
There were actually practically no problems and if there were any, then these were by missing parts, which I then short hand at my dealer around the corner worried.

How much did the conversion cost?
Compounded now approx. 2.800 €.

What do you use your Schwalbe for?
I only use Karl to ride in my free time. The Schwalbe is too good to use it for the way of work and the rest.

What was your greatest or most extraordinary experience with your Simson?
Until now there was no big highlight, in June I travel to Karlobel with the Altblechwerk meets Classics Treffen (24.06.17), because I am a VIP guest to meet. Otherwise, it is always amusing to observe the people, who are no longer out of the astonishment.


Are you a member of a Simson Club?
Yes, Burning Simson Crew.

Do you attend Simson Events?
No, because my Karl is simply too bad for it.

Do you have wishes, ideas, plans for the future with regard to Simson?
So far, everything is the way I wanted it. But with the time, there is certainly something that can be found to change. In any case, a star will expand the collection.

Would you like to tell us something else?
Have fun with my contribution and look if you want, on the Facebook page of Schwalbe Karl and leave a like there. ;-)


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