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Set: Tank sealant for tanks up to 80 litres, 4 parts

Set: Tank sealant for tanks up to 80 litres, 4 parts

Set: Tank sealant for tanks up to 80 litres, 4 parts

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article characteristics

Application: 2K-Tankversiegelung
Lieferumfang: 4-teilig
Gefahrgutklasse: 3
shipping weight: 4,271kg


Set: Tank sealant for tanks up to 80 litres

- 4-part - ideal for extensive tank refurbishment -
tank regeneration
takes place in 3 operations: Cleaning, derusting and sealing - with detailed instructions for use - further information and application video at www.tankdoc.deDas Set includes
1070g cleaner / degreaser granules for steel - 1070g derusting powder, crystalline - 2x 540g 2K tank interior varnish - 2x 135g reaction solutionThe
specification "80 litres" refers to the cleaner or derusting agent, as the tank
must be filled to the rim.

The 2K tank interior paint is only swivelled in the tank and the excess material is poured out.


range depends on the degree of rusting and

the frequency of use.

Holes and cracks in mechanically stressed areas should

be soldered

beforehand by an expert

further advantages of Tankdoc tank sealing
:- aluminium, carbon and polyester tanks can also



tank sealing CAN seal small holes and "sweaty" seams-

material weakened by rust pores is strengthened again

Dangerous goods labelling:

Danger: Extremely flammable aerosol.
Container is under pressure: may burst when heated.
Danger: Corrosive to metals, corrosive to skin, causes severe eye irritation.
Caution: Causes severe eye irritation.
May cause allergic skin reactions.
May irritate respiratory tract.
Danger: May be fatal if swallowed and enters respiratory tract.


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