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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Payment & Dispatch

The following terms and conditions apply:

Dispatch conditions

The products are delivered all over the world.

Dispatch costs (inclusive of legally applicable VAT)

Domestic deliveries (Germany):

We charge a shipping fee of EUR 4,90 per order.

From an order value of EUR 39,00 onwards we deliver shipments free of cost.

National DHL express shipping:
For express shipping orders from Monday to Thursday daily until 17.00 with guaranteed delivery the next working day until 22.00.
For national DHL express delivery service we charge:
up to 5kg 11,99 EUR
over 5kg to 10kg 14,99 EUR
over 10kg to 20kg 17,99 EUR
over 20kg to 30kg 21,99 EUR.

National DHL express delivery with Saturday delivery
For orders on Friday until 17.00 with guaranteed delivery on the following Saturday until 22.00
For national express shipping with the option of Saturday delivery we charge:
up to 5kg 21,99 EUR
over 5kg to 10kg 26,99 EUR
over 10kg to 20kg 30,99 EUR
over 20kg to 30kg 41,99 EUR.

National mail delivery
For national mail delivery we charge 2.90 EUR. Items available for mail delivery are marked accordingly, up to a maximum of 1000g and up to a maximum value of goods of 10.00 EUR.
National mail delivery is available only on customer request. Not available for shipping outside of Germany.

Bulky goods shipping
If the shipment involves bulky goods we charge a EUR 29,00 shipping fee. Bulky goods are marked as such in the item description and will on be delivered domestically.

Shipping flat rate
With the shipping cost flat rate from AKF you can order for one time 39,00 EUR a whole year free of shipping costs from AKF. This offer is valid for letters and parcels within Germany. Bulky items (parcel weight over 31.5kg or parcel dimensions greater than 120x60x60cm) are excluded from the flat rate.

Deliveries to foreign countries:

We charge a flat shipping fee for international deliveries:

Austria (Österreich)EUR 9,90
Belgium (Belgien)EUR 11,90
Bulgaria (Bulgarien)EUR 19,90
Croatia (Kroatien)EUR 19,90
Cyprus (Zypern)EUR 19,90
Czech Republic (Tschechien)EUR 15,90
Denmark (Dänemark)EUR 15,90
Finland (Finnland)EUR 19,90
France (Frankreich)EUR 12,90
Greece (Griechenland)EUR 19,90
Hungary (Ungarn)EUR 16,90
Ireland (Irland)EUR 19,90
Italy (Italien)EUR 14,90
Latvia (Lettland)EUR 19,90
Luxembourg (Luxemburg)EUR 15,90
Netherlands (Niederlande)EUR 11,90
Poland (Polen)EUR 15,90
Portugal (Portugal)EUR 19,90
Romania (Romänien)EUR 19,90
Slovenia (Slowenien)EUR 16,90
Spain, Baleares (Spanien, Balearen)EUR 14,90
Sweden (Schweden)EUR 14,90
United Kingdom (Vereinigtes Königreich)EUR 14,90

We charge shipping costs abroad according to shipping weight:

  USA Switzerland Norway, Ukraine, Ceuta
up to 1 kg: EUR 31,70 EUR 15,60 EUR 16,15
over 1 kg up to 2 kg: EUR 37,80 EUR 17,35 EUR 17,90
over 2 kg up to 3 kg: EUR 43,90 EUR 19,10 EUR 19,65
over 3 kg up to 4 kg: EUR 50,00 EUR 20,85 EUR 21,40
over 4 kg up to 5 kg: EUR 56,10 EUR 22,60 EUR 23,75
over 5 kg up to 6 kg: EUR 62,20 EUR 24,35 EUR 24,90
over 6 kg up to 7 kg: EUR 68,30 EUR 26,10 EUR 26,65
over 7 kg up to 8 kg: EUR 74,40 EUR 27,85 EUR 28,40
over 8 kg up to 9 kg: EUR 80,50 EUR 29,60 EUR 30,15
over 9 kg up to 10 kg: EUR 86,60 EUR 31,35 EUR 31,90
over 10 kg up to 11 kg: EUR 92,70 EUR 33,10 EUR 33,65
over 11 kg up to 12 kg: EUR 98,80 EUR 34,85 EUR 35,40
over 12 kg up to 13 kg: EUR 104,90 EUR 36,60 EUR 37,15
over 13 kg up to 14 kg: EUR 111,00 EUR 38,35 EUR 38,90
over 14 kg up to 15 kg: EUR 117,10 EUR 40,10 EUR 40,65
over 15 kg up to 16 kg: EUR 123,20 EUR 41,85 EUR 42,40
over 16 kg up to 17 kg: EUR 129,30 EUR 43,60 EUR 44,15
over 17 kg up to 18 kg: EUR 135,40 EUR 45,35 EUR 45,90
over 18 kg up to 19 kg: EUR 141,50 EUR 47,10 EUR 47,65
over 19 kg up to 20 kg: EUR 147,60 EUR 48,85 EUR 49,40
over 20 kg up to 21 kg: EUR 153,70 EUR 50,60 EUR 51,15
over 21 kg up to 22 kg: EUR 159,80 EUR 52,35 EUR 52,90
over 22 kg up to 23 kg: EUR 165,90 EUR 54,10 EUR 54,65
over 23 kg up to 24 kg: EUR 172,00 EUR 55,85 EUR 56,40
over 24 kg up to 25 kg: EUR 178,10 EUR 57,60 EUR 58,15
over 25 kg up to 26 kg: EUR 184,20 EUR 59,35 EUR 59,90
over 26 kg up to 27 kg: EUR 190,30 EUR 61,10 EUR 61,65
over 27 kg up to 28 kg: EUR 196,40 EUR 62,85 EUR 63,40
over 28 kg up to 29 kg: EUR 202,50 EUR 64,60 EUR 65,15
over 29 kg up to 30 kg: EUR 208,60 EUR 66,35 EUR 66,90
over 30 kg up to 31 kg: EUR 214,70 EUR 68,10 EUR 68,65
over 31 kg up to 31,5 kg: EUR 220,80 EUR 69,85 EUR 70,40

Delivery periods

Unless otherwise specified in the quote, domestic delivery of goods shall be made (Germany) within 2-3 days, for deliveries abroad within 5-7 days from conclusion of contract (if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction).
Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and other holidays.
If you have ordered articles with different delivery dates, we send the articles together in one delivery if no other agreement has been made. The delivery date for the complete order will be the same as that of the article with the longest delivery time.

In case of self-collection, we will inform you by email once the product is ready, along with the collection options. In this case, dispatch costs will not be charged.

Accepted Payment options

  • Payment in cash at the time of collection
  • Prepayment via transfer
  • Cash on delivery (plus COD charges EUR 8,50)
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Payment via PayPal Plus (credit card, direct debit, invoice)
  • Payment via Sofortüberweisung [immediate transfer]
  • Payment via amazon payments

Further details on payment

If payment is made using a credit card, your credit card account is debited in conjunction with the shipping of the goods.

Our bank account:

Alexander Kalkbrenner
IBAN: DE03850400000355316103
Commerzbank Dresden

In case of questions, please contact us at the contact details mentioned in the Legal Notice.

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