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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

ADDINOL MZ405 - Super Mix 2-stroke engine oil (mixed oil) - 1 liter


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Gekauft für Simson KR51/1. Sehr gut zu bedienen, dank herausziehbaren Einfüller, der sich verjüngt. Öl hält, was es verspricht - verbrennt gut....

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Product Details

Scope of delivery
1L can

Product Description

ADDINOL MZ405 - 1 liter

- Super Mix 2-stroke engine oil (mixed oil)
- handy 1 liter can
- dyed red
- mineral

Product description:

"The Original" ADDINOL SUPER MIX MZ 405 is a mineral oil-based, self-mixing high-performance two-stroke engine oil.
High-quality mineral oil raffinate alloyed with a powerful additive package ensure high
Engine cleanliness, freedom from the ring and a wear and corrosion protection that corresponds to the performance level.
It contains a premixing component for optimum mixture formation.
ADDINOL SUPER MIX MZ 405 can be mixed with standard and super fuels.


in thermally highly loaded air- and water-cooled
Two-stroke engines with mixed and separate lubrication
(Fresh - water automatic), such as scooters, mopeds, cars and
also for air-cooled two-stroke engines of small appliances,
z. Such as chain saws, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, etc.

Complies with the high requirements of the specifications:


MZ 405 meets the stringent requirements of Husqvarna 266 saw chain test

Mixing ratio oil / VK according to the regulations of the vehicle manufacturer, but mostly 1:50

Suitable Accessories

Important Information

Information on Waste Oil Disposal:
What to do with your waste oil? Don't worry! If you buy a certain quantity of engine or gear oil, we offer you the option of taking your equivalent amount of waste oil in order to dispose of it in accordance with the corresponding regulations. Just visit us at our retail shop (address: see imprint)or alternatively sent your waste oil by post, keeping in mind that we cannot refund shipping charges. Please make sure you use suitable containers labelled as 'Gefahrgut' (German for 'harzardous waste').

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