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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

BVF tuning carburettor 19N1-12 - Simson KR51 Schwalbe, SR50, SR80


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• 11.01.2014 09:08:33


Passgenau. Vergasergrundeinstellung ist für das erste Anlaufen lassen des Motors (SR50) ok....

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Product Details

Suitable for vehicle type
KR51/1 Schwalbe
KR51/2 Schwalbe

Product Description

Tuning carburettor in original optics for KR51 / 1, KR51 / 2
- looks like the original 16N1 carburettor
- high processing quality
- very fine cast aluminum
- has 19mm outlet
- is fully assembled and pre-set
- Main nozzle: 105
- Teillast needle: 08
- Needle nozzle: 215
- Float needle valve: 20
- can bring up to 10% more power (in conjunction with further tuning measures)
- including fuel hose
- incl. detailed mounting and adjustment instructions

NOTE: The "19N1" is stamped on the side
When using the BVF 19N1, it is important to note that the carburettor is connected to the respective motor (50, 60, 70 cm³ etc.)
needs to be coordinated. The fine tuning by means of a suitable nozzle set and possibly an exchange of the idle nozzle are mandatory
necessary to make the engine run smoothly.

Here are some examples of the required accessories:
- for 60cc 4-channel: nozzle set fine tuning - item 10002668
+ Idle nozzle 40 - Article 10002599
- for 70cc 4-channel: Tuning nozzle set fine tuning - Article 10002669
+ Idle nozzle 50 - Article 10022633

Our tip:
Just use our new Carburettor-Sets Feinabstimmung! Since you have the right nozzle sets
and they are even cheaper than in the retail market.
- for 60ccm engines, order the product GP10000433 or GP10000434
- for 70cc engines, order the item: GP10000435 or GP10000436

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