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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Inner shifter, hollow shaft - Simson S51, S70, S53, S83, SR50, SR80, KR51 / 2 Schwalbe


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  • Manufacturer: ML
  • Item No.: 10002316
  • MZA No.: 10107-00S
  • Simson No.: 226031

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• 19.11.2018 17:17:37


S51 Motor! Habe es hier vor 12 Jahren gekauft da ich gerade beim Bewerten bin, hole ich es nach, denn bis heute keine Probleme. Beim Originalen ist jedoch doch etwas anders am Rohr....

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Product Details

Suitable for vehicle type
KR51/2 Schwalbe

Product Description

High quality gear lever

- is manufactured with original SIMSON tools, the product is "Made in Germany"
- assembled and welded in the MZA subsidiary Suhl
- manufacture exactly according to the original of the GDR in Germany to ensure accuracy, consistent quality and above all longevity!
- only original materials and alloys are used, WIG welded (without addition of material / welding wire) with the latest welding technology, sleeves CNC turned, sleeves rolled *
- high quality springs are used
- The ratchet is produced in a free cutting process, a very precise angularity and dimensional accuracy is ensured
- Specially hardened
- galvanically galvanized

- suitable for the following models: S51, SR50, KR51
- suitable for original SIMSON number: 226031

* Rolling is carried out with tools (roller discs) which have a roughened surface, which improves strength, process reliability and surface quality. For the shift lever, the longevity, reliability and absolutely perfect fit. Roller washers consist of tool steel, carbide or ceramic, which have been roughened by grinding (roughness approx. 6-15 ?m).

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