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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Set: Profi-Tuning 70cc, 4-Cylinder Cylinder / Piston / Head + BVF19N1 + Reso Exhaust 32mm - for Simson S70, S83, SR80


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Product Details

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Product Description

TUNING SET PROFI in the latest version !!

- the set includes:
- 1 tuning exhaust RESO
- 1 carburetor BVF 19N1
- 1 cylinder 70cc
- 1 cylinder head
- 1 piston
- 2 piston rings
- 1 piston pin
- 2 securing springs
- 1 foot seal
- 1 needle bearing (metal cage)
- 4 ACF cushioning pads
- 2 studs
- 2 nuts + washers M6 for carburettor mounting,
- 4 nuts and washers M6 for cylinder head mounting
- 2 hardened washers
- 1 flange gasket thick 19mm
- 1 BVF main nozzle 80

Advantages compared to comparable sets:
- Cylinder has 19mm inlet
- The BVF 19N1 carburettor is of a higher quality than a comparable Arreche (AMAL) carburettor
- Carburettor has 19mm passage, but looks 100% original
- Cylinder and head made of very fine cast aluminum
- Piston made of high quality K20 aluminum
- all parts for the correct assembly in the set already included!
- Set now offers even more power versus variant with Arreche or BING carburettors
- detailed instruction manual for carburetor included

Please note: If your vehicle does not already have a spring manifold, please order the item
10031180 - Set: dome with small parts for manifolds - with ball flange - for exhaust mounting.

Please note:
For engine or cylinder conversions or regenerations, the control times must be checked and adjusted if necessary.

Suitable Accessories

Important Information

Not "e-marked" i. e. not type approved to EC directives or UN/ECE regulations as a component:
Unfortunately this product is not 'e-marked' i. e. not type approved to EC directives or UN/ECE regulations as a component. Once installed or fitted to the vehicle, the vehicle may only be used on clearly designated private property and is not legal to drive on public roads.

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