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Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Spares and Accessoires for Simson & MZ

Does your Simson moped need a new exhaust pipe? And the MZ ES 250 given to you by your grandpa won´t start? Don´t panic! We have the appropriate spare parts to match your GDR motorcycle!

Since our company formation in 2003, AKF has been trading with Simson and MZ spare parts. Over the years, we have grown into Europe´s leading specialist retailer, offering more than 20,000 parts and accessories suitable for all common Simson mopeds, MZ motorcycles, and vintage motorbikes in our online shop in order to make sure that you can enjoy your ride for a long time.

Customer satisfaction and service is our first priority. Our motorbike database provides an overview of all models produced by Simson, MZ, EMW and IWL. Our parts finder helps you quickly find the suitable parts sorted by model and components or assemblies. Additionally, our vast collection of exploded view drawings incl. parts lists makes it easier to stay on top of things while completing modifications or repairs. Moreover, you can download useful instructions or manuals, wiring diagrams, watch video tutorials, use our encyclopaedia containing all terms related to motorcycles and a purchase agreement (PDF file). We even support you `offline´. In our salesrooms we offer expert advice and technical support. Spare parts can be bought or picked up directly at our `offline shop´ with or without a previous online order.

Simson Mopeds - Spares & Accessories

While Simson mopeds used to be everyday objects and simple means of transport in GDR times, today they are well kept treasures and highly-appreciated collectors' items offering a number of advantages. For instance, the German driving licence category M normally entitles you to ride mopeds with a speed range of 25 km/h to 45 km/h. In accordance with the German Unification Treaty, however, the same driving licence officially allows you to ride Simson Mopeds (registered before 28 February 1992) at the maximum speed of 60 km/h!

In addition, Simson gives you the opportunity to do your own repairing. In contrast to "plastic scooters" turning into a complete write-off owing to a slight technical defect, Simson repairs and maintenances can be carried out quickly at low cost (simple construction, modularity and inexpensive spare parts). If you are good with your hands you will manage to make it work. We provide Simson spare parts for common models produced by well-known brand manufacturers or technically and qualitatively equivalent parts, from A to Z - drive components, lighting, electrics, handlebars including grips, mirrors and accessories; small and large frame parts, suitable motorcycle tyres, carburettors and whatever you need for tuning your Simson.

MZ Motorcycles – Spares & Accessories

Hard to believe but true: there was a time when the early MZ 125/150 models were the most manufactured German motorcycles, and, what is more, the manufacturer actually dominated international racing in the 1960s! `Emme´, as the MZ brand was fondly called by people, and its products stood out owing to their simple and clear design, modularity and durability including easily replaceable components. Despite the tense economic situation in the GDR, the Zschopau design engineers developed global innovations like the asymmetrical passing beam or chain guard rubbers.

We provide a wide range of MZ spares - from drive components to exhaust systems, headlamps, rear lamps and indicators, bowden cables, small and large frame parts, chassis components, speedometers & revolution counters to carburettors and everything else you need for your engine. In addition, we offer useful accessories such as special tools, bags & replica VIN plates.

Spares for Vintage & Classic Motorcycles – EMW, BMW, IWL, JAWA etc.

Our heart beats for genuine vintage & classic motorcyles. Yours as well? If it´s like that, then we have just the suitable vintage & classic motorcycle spares for you, whether for your Simson AWO 425, Schikra, tricycle SD25/50, the SIMSON DUO ambulance model, SL1 Moped, Simson SR1 and SR2, MSA 25/50 or SRA 25/50. You are the proud owner of a MZ RT 125? No problem, since we provide appropriate spares for MZ RT125 models. If you like to be on the road in an even more exotic way, i. e. if you ride an IWL Scooter (Wiesel, Pitty, Berlin, Troll), a JAWA or the vintage motorcycles BK350, EMW or BMW, you will find what you need, too. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you cannot find anything suitable or are looking for something special.

Motorcycle Clothing & Helmets for Best Possible Protection

At the time when the Simson design engineers developed the Schwalbe model, motorcycle riders did not need helmets. But times have changed. Since 1978, bikers have been legally required to wear helmets. We provide suitable motorcycle helmets and eyewear, but also motorcycle gloves, kidney belts, caps and shirts for your next ride. Furthermore we sell appropriate care products for clothing & helmets (helmet & visor cleaners/care; leather & textile care).

All You Need for Your Simson / MZ Maintenance & Care

It´s not just a saying that regular maintenance reduces repair costs. That is why we provide suitable care products & all tools needed for your motorcycle maintenance. Chain cleaners & sprays, cleaning & care products incl. appropriate accessories, oils & grease for your gearbox and transmission parts or your engine & telescopic forks and, last but not least, paints & coatings (or lacquers) to repair your motorcycle paint or restore its bodywork. Have a look at our tank sealing products and standard parts and fasteners. Browse our wide product range for the latest Motul products (oils, sprays, stickers) and Presto products (cleaners, abrasives, rust removers, maintenance and care sprays etc.). In addition, we provide special maintenance tools for your Simson or MZ brakes, engines, tyres and carburettors.

Gifts & Merchandise for real GDR Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Real Simson / MZ fans live & breathe their cult objects. Let us support you! Use our stickers and decals to complete your motorcycle – or just stick them anywhere you want. Whether used on the wall in your house or in your garage, our tin signs are eye-catchers and collectors' items. Nail your colours to the mast wearing our pins, buttons & fan clothing. Throughout the year, you should have a look at our calendars, lanyards & key rings.

New Arrivals, Weekly Offers & Bargains

We work tirelessly to expand our product range, so you can simply enjoy your tuning or repair projects while choosing from a variety of suitable spares. Our new arrivals are new items produced by well-known brand manufacturers or simply technically and qualitatively equivalent parts.

Our spare parts stand out due to an excellent price-performance ratio. However, if you want to buy your Simson and MZ parts at an even lower price, then you should take a look at our weekly offers! Check out our deals of the week and enjoy up to 20% or browse for our special offers and sale items.

Enjoy your ride!

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