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AKF bonus programme

conditions of participation

Our AKF bonus point programme rewards your loyalty as a customer. The following conditions apply to the collection and redemption of AKF bonus points:

1. participation

End customers of AKF who have a regular customer account are eligible to participate. Guest customers and all customers who belong to a customer class with discounted sales (regular customers) are excluded from participation. End-customer purchases made in the stationary AKF shop and via the AKF app are also excluded.

2. AKF bonus points

2.1 General information

The arithmetical basis of the AKF bonus points programme is the AKF bonus points which are booked to the customer's points account. The bonus points can only be used for the purposes listed in the terms and conditions. Bonus points from other programmes cannot be converted into AKF bonus points. The points account and balance is non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash and paid out. The current number of points is listed in your AKF customer account under "Bonus points account".

2.2 Points acquisition

The purchase of AKF bonus points is automatically made for each order from 05.02.2019, as soon as payment has been received by us. Bonus points will be credited to your account for every order you pay for at AKF. The amount of the respective credit note depends on the amount of the paid order value. For every full Euro of your order value, you will receive 1 AKF bonus point. 100 bonus points correspond to the equivalent of 1.00 Euro. For certain special campaigns, AKF bonus points can be credited in a separately announced amount.

2.3 Exclusion of crediting AKF bonus points

A credit note for AKF bonus points is excluded for products with a sales price of 0 Euro (e.g. free articles), redeemed vouchers, shipping costs, cash on delivery charges, services and other discounts.

2.4 Credit Memo Procedure

AKF bonus points are credited to the bonus points account immediately after receipt of the order. The AKF bonus points are automatically released 40 days after receipt of the order. The credit note is issued under the customer number that was used for the order. If a customer orders via several accounts with AKF, the points will be credited according to the individual accounts. It is not possible to transfer bonus points from one customer account to another. If the invoice amount of an order decreases (e.g. due to incorrect deliveries, returns or order cancellations), points will only be credited for the partial amount paid.

2.5 Decline of points

If AKF bonus points are not redeemed within 12 months of activation on the AKF bonus points account, they expire at the end of the quarter. The date and extent of the expiry of bonus points will be indicated separately in your AKF bonus points account. In addition, four weeks prior to expiration, an e-mail will be sent to this effect. The AKF bonus points also expire without replacement if the customer account is blocked or deleted for legitimate reasons.

3. redeem the AKF bonus points

Every participant can redeem his collected AKF bonus points when ordering via the AKF online shop at www.akf-shop.de A redemption of AKF bonus points is possible from 100 bonus points and a minimum order value of 15.00 euros in the AKF online shop. It is not possible to redeem AKF bonus points when purchasing via the AKF app. Similarly, AKF bonus points cannot be redeemed in stationary AKF shops.

4. other

4.1 Program termination

AKF reserves the right to terminate the AKF bonus points programme at any time or to replace it with another programme.

4.2 Changes

AKF reserves the right to make changes or additions to the conditions of participation at any time.

Claims for damages by participants against AKF due to country-specific changes caused by the law are excluded. Changes or additions to these conditions of participation will be announced by publication on the website.