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Assembly instructions | Tips | Technical data | Certificates of harmlessness

Hier findest Du Anleitungen für viele Modelle als Download

The assembly instructions are available for download in .pdf format. You can view them with the Adobe AcrobatReader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The instructions are subject to the copyright of MZA.

Assembly instructions telegabel Mounting Instructions Conversion Kit Tuning Telescopic Fork [PDF, 418kB]
Conversion kits VAPE Conversion kit VAPE 12 V for KR 51/1 and KR 51/2 [PDF, 234 kB] Conversion kit
VAPE 12 V for S51/S70 [PDF, 673 kB] Conversion kit
VAPE 12 V for SR 50 [PDF, 237 kB] Detailed wiring diagram
VAPE 12V S51 [PDF, 289kB]

ZT-Tuning Installation Instructions Installation instructions cylinder [PDF, 273.2 kB] Installation instructions
carburettor upgrade kit [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Mounting tips for Acerbis DHH headlights Tips_Acerbis [PDF, 221 kB]
Mounting tips for cylinders S51/53/70/83 SR50/80 KR51/2 Tips_cylinders [PDF, 1990 kB]
Mounting tips for rev counter complete set S51/53/70/83 Tips_DZM [PDF, 4300 kB]
RAL colour table RAL number overview [PDF, 40 kB]
Type overview Bing carburettor Instruction carburettor Bing [PDF, 4851 kB]
Importance of tyre labelling Tyre labelling [PDF, 286 kB]
Colour assignment of Leifalit lacquers to Simson types Classification table [PDF 223 kB]
Fitting instructions for child seat S50, S51 Assembly instructions [PDF 590kB]
Leifalit Topcoats Processing Instructions Processing instructions [PDF 339kB]
Tips for DZM attachment of new clutch covers Tips_New clutch cover [PDF, 1289kB]
Technical data carburettor Amal Technical data AMAL [PDF, 106kB]
Technical data carburettor BVF 16N1 Technical data BVF16N1 [PDF, 164kB]
Technical data carburettor BVF 16N3 Technical data BVF16N3 [PDF, 153kB]
Technical data carburettor BVF 19N1 Technical Data BVF19N1 [PDF, 154kB]
Wiring diagram switch combination S51 Wiring diagram Schalterk. [PDF, 533kB]
Leifalit Safety Instructions Leifalit Safety Instructions [PDF, 914kB]
Safety certificate for winter tyres KR51 Certificate of Conformity KR51 [PDF, 969kB]
Safety certificate for winter tyres S51 Certificate of Conformity S51 [PDF, 968kB]
Batteries and acid filling quantities Battery list Varta, Delo, Saito [PDF, 2180kB]
D.I.D. chain sets - type table Chain sets [PDF, 1235kB]
Fork sealing rings and dust caps - Sizes and type designation Fork Seals_Dust Caps [PDF, 707kB]
Mounting Instructions Mounting Kit for Roller Disc AY50 Katana Assembly instructions_roller disc [PDF, 598kB]
Technical data sheet KR51/2 Data sheet KR51/2 [PDF, 1880kB]
Assembly instructions for Vape ignition KR51/1 and KR51/2 Assembly instructions_Vape_KR [PDF, 591kB]