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ADDINOL Super Star MX 2057, SAE 20W-50 car engine oil - 1 Liter

ADDINOL Super Star MX 2057, SAE 20W-50 car engine oil - 1 Liter

ADDINOL Super Star MX 2057, SAE 20W-50 car engine oil - 1 Liter

(Basic price: €7.01 / Liter)
incl. 19% VAT, plus dispatch

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article characteristics

Herstellungsart: mineralisch
Bereich: Mehrbereichsöl
Viskositätsklasse: 20W-50
shipping weight: 0,941kg


ADDINOL Super Star MX 2057 is an engine oil in the SAE class 20W-50 and is based on mineral oil raffinates which, together with a selected additive combination, meet the requirements of engines in the petrol and diesel sector.

Multi-grade engine oil mainly for use
in diesel and gasoline engines with high specific requirements and performance characteristics- Good cleaning power- Good wear protection additives- Thermal oxidative resistance- Stable viscosity for all driving conditions- Advantages for the user- Good engine cleanliness- High engine life- Long engine life- Good aging stability- High lubricating safety specification / approvals- ACEA E2- API CG-4, API SL-
meets the

MAN 271,

MB 228.1Source
: addinol.com


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We take back the quantity of combustion engine or transmission oil purchased from us as waste oil free of charge for the purpose of professional disposal. The place of return is the address listed in the imprint. You can return the used oil to our shop. Alternatively you can choose to pay the shipping costs by post. Please ensure that used oil is labelled as dangerous goods on dispatch and that suitable containers are used for this purpose.