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Manifold in chrome - MZ ES175, ES250, ES300

Manifold in chrome - MZ ES175, ES250, ES300

(Basic price: €63.02 / Stück)
incl. 19% VAT, incl. dispatch

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  • 05-27.100-00
  • Note on chrome care

article characteristics

passend für Fahrzeugtyp: ES 175, ES 250, ES 300
Baugruppe: Auspuffanlage & -teile
passend für Fahrzeughersteller: MZ
shipping weight: 0,801kg



- chrome-

suitable for the following models: ES175, ES250, ES300


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Immediately available

Krümmer in Chrom - für MZ ES175, ES250, ES300
Brand: FEZ Item no.: 10068343
Krümmer in Chrom - für MZ ES175, ES250, ES300
(Basic price: €48.15 / Stück)
, incl. 19% VAT, incl. dispatch


Note for chrome parts:
Chrome-plated parts give the vehicle a noble look. However, to achieve a permanently shiny appearance, the chrome parts require extensive care several times a year with suitable chrome care products. All sponges and cloths with a rough, scratchy surface and acidic, caustic cleaners are unsuitable.
Weather-related influences, especially the use of road salt in winter, quickly clog the chromium layer and promote rust formation.
We would like to point out that we must treat such complaints particularly restrictively.
We recommend the use of stainless steel vehicle parts to motorcycle owners who are afraid of the high maintenance costs.

You can find suitable chrome care products here:
Care products & polishes from AKF

exploded drawings

Hersteller Modellreihe Modell Zeichnung Position
MZ ES-Reihe ES 250 Auspuffanlage ES250 ES250/1 1 Zeichnung öffnen
MZ ES-Reihe ES 300 Auspuffanlage 1 Zeichnung öffnen